About Us - Portfolio Perfect

When you hire Portfolio Perfect Photography, you get two photographers for the price of one! Husband and wife team Todd & Harasyn Sipes will work together to provide you with top notch products and services using their complimentary photographic techniques. Both have developed their passion for photography individually and are now coming together to combine their expertise to deliver an outstanding photography experience.

Todd is an award-winning photographer and San Francisco-native. He is the technical brains of this operation; he's been using Adobe Photoshop for almost 20 years and is our resident camera nerd. He didn't start taking photos seriously until 2010, but has spent almost every waking moment refining his craft ever since. In the past 8 years, he has published 2 books on Urban Exploration Photography through Peachpit Press, which is home to almost every major Photography instruction book in the world. He also specializes in landscape and concert photography which has earned him numerous photography awards and other accolades. His full portfolio can be viewed HERE.

Harasyn began her love affair with photography during a middle school photography class and has pursued her passion informally ever since. When receiving her BA degree in Art History, she was able to explore photography from a new perspective and use her new found knowledge in practical application. Having over 15 years of modeling experience, Harasyn knows what's needed on both sides of the camera in order to achieve great photos. As the Academy Director & Director of Modeling at a top Northern California modeling and acting school, she is an expert in photo posing, portfolio building, the mechanics of a great headshot or portfolio photo, what agents and casting directors are looking for in a photo, and marketing yourself correctly for the entertainment industry. This opened the opportunity for her to further her experience as Staff Photographer, where she has been taking headshots and portfolio photos since 2010, many of which are being used and praised by leading Bay Area modeling and acting agencies.